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Welcome. Thank you for visiting Hydrablast. Hydrablast is a manufacturer of high pressure water blasting pumps, tools and accessories, and service provider of aftermarket support. Our team consists of some of the most diverse, talented and innovative minds in the waterblast industry. We strive to live our core values of exceptional customer Service, Innovation and Excellence. We put our customers first. And service is our differentiator. We invite you to tour our Website and learn about the many exciting ways we are collaborating with our customers and pushing beyond perceived limits of high pressure water blasting technologies.

Oil and Gas

Our product line of high pressure waterblast equipment can be effectively used in many different applications in this industry.  From cleaning heat exchangers, storage tanks, cutting structural steel, piping and vessels to hydrostatic testing. We understand the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry. That’s why our products are designed to minimize downtime and costs while meeting your needs. 


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Hydrablast’s innovative design are ideally suited to effectively prepare the most difficult of surfaces. Our line pumps and accessories are ideal for this work environment. 

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Food Processing

Hydrablast’s cutting-edge products and accessories lend themselves well to this increase productivity in this ever-changing industry.  From cleaning pipes in sugar mills, baking racks in fish processing plants to cutting lettuce.  Our innovative pumps and accessories can increase your productivity.

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Collaboration and Innovation

Let us Collaborate with you to meet your high pressure needs

Precision Manufacturing

Every design detail of Hydrablast’s Pumps affords our customers reliability. We understand the complex challenges that you face.   With performance ranges from 5,000 to 40,000 PSI, Hydrablast pumps, tools, and accessories provide a wide range of industry usage

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Hydrablast’s products are designed with the idea of creative designs implementing intelligence and simplicity.   We have developed a line of accessories to deliver superior design, efficiency and value to our customers. 

Hydrablast is a provider of consumable components for many of the major manufactures of high pressure waterblasting equipment in the industry.  Our products have been re-engineered with customer input to achieve superior performance.


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The HydraBlast Difference


100 years of combined experience in the Water Blasting Industry.


Available 24/7 to provide unapparelled support


Creating advanced technology solutions. 

About Us

Hydrablast is a manufacturer of high pressure water blasting pumps, tools and accessories, and service provider of aftermarket support based in Houston, Texas. We were founded on the principle that service goes well beyond supplying a product, to bringing fresh thinking that leads to innovative solutions. Our commitment to you as a customer is a core principle, embedded in every dimension of our company
Our dedicated engineering team continues to push the boundaries of water blast technologies with innovative developments. Hydrablast is positioned to provide aftermarket support and solutions regardless of the equipment’s original manufacturer. Our strength and global reach, detailed knowledge of the industry, and the expertise of our dedicated professionals drive our vision to provide unparalleled customer service.
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